My message to all Vocaloid Fans.

no matter how many pass me by
I'll just keep going
cause i know what i want is better than what they want
I want to be remembered, i want people to smile and remember me as well as Miku
she won't be popular forever
unless people like me keep making things
for my fans
for the producer's fans
for Miku's fans
it's why i don't take shortcuts like others using presets and templates
because what I make is from where it counts
i dont have hidden motives
i don't do this for fame
i do this out of love for what I love
not cause it will make me famous
though i want to be seen and noticed, it's not for "fame"
It's because i want to prove myself as a person worth living for something
worth living to be the person i always wanted and still hope to be
regardless of critics
regardless of time it takes

I love making videos and I want to forever. 

I am making a MMDPV for a company!

I cannot give much information yet, but I am collaborating with another MMD-er as well
I am excited to share more information when the time comes! 

Entering a contest


Hiroyuki Itoh, Toyko Otaku Mode and Redjuice999 will be judges! I will be entering.
Miku V3 English is a prize, so I am very excited! 
I'll be sure to do my best, so when I finish my entry I will share them, so please vote f51
or me! 
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